What does the session fee inlude?

Our normal session fee of $200 reserves your date, and includes a complimentary pre-session consultation (available in your home to plan details of the artwork you wish to create and what you will wear, etc. Just ask if I don’t mention it because sometimes I forget)  location pre-scouting,  and session planning,  up to two hours of relaxed photography with the option of outfit changes,  image preparation, custom album and wall art design,  an in-person ordering session to ensure you receive everything you need, and personal care and attention from beginning to end.  The session fee is non refundable, because once we’ve locked in your date, we must turn away other potential work in order to keep it free just for you. 

How many images will I receive?

The image count may vary from session to session. We spare you the headache of sorting through several hundred images, and normally choose between 20-50 of the best images. These are then be carefully prepared for you before the ordering session.  For weddings, the average photo count will be at least 200-300.

What if my kids won’t co-operate?

We are used to working with active, un-cooperative and even cantankerous kids. It’s preferable that they are well rested, but leave the rest up to us. Instead of prepping them for a struggle by telling them they had better behave or else, tell them you are all going to go hang out and have fun together at the park(or whatever location we’ve chosen together) and let us take care of getting them to smile and relax and have fun. This goes for Dad too. Most dads we work with end up having fun, even if they didn’t think they would.

Can I use the images on Facebook?

Certainly. We’ll be glad to provide web-sized images with our logo and copyright information imbedded for FB and blogging purposes. We only ask that you credit us by tagging us in them. These images are copyrighted and non-printable. Digital files with print rights are also available for purchase.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! Travel costs will be figured into your package total.

What products do you offer?

Most people choose from beautiful wall art collections and custom designed albums, but if we don’t show you the product you are wishing for, feel free to ask and we will be glad to get you a price.
Custom wall displays will be designed to fit your home at no extra charge. Canvas Gallery wraps are created with special care to keep them from scratching or coming apart. They are carefully coated to help them withstand the onslaught of sunlight and sticky little fingers. When your kids get to playing in the hall ways and banging doors, you can breath easy. Your artwork is built to last.
Are your walls already full? A custom designed album is just the ticket, providing you with a wonderful keepsake to display on your coffee table or tuck away on a shelf(if you really want too. Most people find the albums just beg to be opened and perused again and again)
Our wall art and gift prints come custom mounted, textured and UV coated to stand the test of time.
We also offer Hand Painted Canvases. These priceless heirlooms, carefully prepared by a skilled artist, will make you the envy of all your friends.